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Top 5 Gifts for females

Holidays are right around the corner! And we can’t forget about those amazing women in our lives, the teachers, hairstylists, coaches, friends, cleaning ladies, anyone who has helped you out over the past year!

I’m counting down the top 5 gifts I plan to use for these special women! Prices vary so they can fit your budget!


top 5 best gifts


No. 5: Candy in a coffee cup! Super cheap you can customize with the coffee cup and wrap it cute with a bow!


No. 4: Spa Basket! I am a sucker for throwing things together in a basket! I feel like it is very custom, and feels more like a present! A few items I would include are slippers, a detox mask, a sleep mask/eye covers, nail polish, and pedicure tools. Click the link for the detox mask to see what I recommend, it reduces redness, hydrates the skin and diminishes imperfections! Another option in this category would be a massage gift certificate! Something almost all women would love but never spend the money on themselves!


No. 3: Calandar/Planner! I am obsessed with my Plum Paper Planner, I use it for everything! This would definitely be helpful and practical for a gift.


No. 2: Jewelry/Necklaces! You can easily find an affordable cute necklace off amazon or even in a retail store. I love to find jewelry specific for what that person does! Ex. A cute apple necklace for a teacher. This is another cute gift they will love and wear but probably not buy for themselves.


No. 1: LipSense! I am so obsessed with this but it is seriously liquid gold! Pink Champagne is a great starter color that looks great on everyone! You can also grab a gift certificate from me if you don’t know what color they would want. This stuff is COMPLETELY smudgeproof, waterproof, and kissproof! They will be able to go all day without needing to reapply or worry about lipstick stuck in their teeth!

lipsense for the holidays

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