Start your own Business!

Hey Guys!

Did you know you can do this too?! This could be you!! The best part is… It is YOUR business! I am here to guide, motivate, and help you along the way! I am always looking for motivated Boss Ladies who want to work from home, post selfies, and MAKE MONEY!! BINGO thats why I started!

Did I mention theres an opportunity to get a leased car completely FREE paid by Senegence?! OR the amazing trips we take every year!!! This year is Sydney Austrailia and Disney World in Orlando, FL! Now is the perfect time to jump in so you can still qualify for this awesome opportunity!

Contact me asap to get started!

Distributor ID 228791 Sign up Here!

Once you are signed up you will get your very own ID # to use. Once I receive the confirmation that you have joined, I will add you to my private facebook group & give you the password to the exclusive training content right here on this website! You will have access to a personal coach (ME!) anytime. I do group trainings and one-on-one consultations to help improve your business with any areas you need help with!

Its only $55 and there are:

NO Kits to buy!

NO Autoship!

NO Monthly minimum orders!

NO Pressure to sell

** Think of it like a costco membership, $55 gets you in and access to wholesale pricing! You buy the products you want or want to sell at a discounted cost (20%-50% off) then resell for retail or keep the products for yourself!**

Become your own boss!

There are 2 ways to make money!

SALES: Selling the product will make you a profit right away! Here’s how it works: you place and order through SeneGence using your ID # when you sign up and you get access to wholesale pricing! This means that depending on the size of your order you will get at least 20% off the retail price of the items you order. Now if you really want to make some big money the more product you order in bulk the bigger percentage off you get! It can be 20%, 30%, 40% and even 50% off the retail value! You can even take pre-orders and collect the sales from customers before placing your order, so you are not spending any of your own money! I always like to get the biggest profit so I order to get 50% off and work to sell all of that product before placing another order. Then I make back money I spent on the purchase and the same amount to pocket for myself!


I would love to get in touch with you to show you exactly how to earn money from day one! There is a guideline I created I will send you once you sign up to show you step by step how to get starter and start making sales


COMMISSION: You can earn a monthly commission, without spending any money! You can help to sponsor others and teach them about the business and how to sell and if they join with your ID number, every time they place an order you earn 10% commission from their order. This does not affect them or cost them any money, you are paid directly from SeneGence. As you earn commission SeneGence will send you a visa card and set you up with an online account. Money will be transferred to that account and you can choose to use the card anywhere and spend it just as a regular visa or you can transfer the money to a bank account you already have without any service fees!

*Per SeneGence rules I am not allowed to openly share what I earn but if you message me I am more then happy to give you all the details!

*Ps there is a comma in my earnings 😉


Be your own bossYou work they way you want, I am here as a guide and to share tips that have worked for me that you can easily duplicate! You can even work your entire business from home if you want!


Are you ready to get started? CLICK HERE to sign up or contact me for any additional questions! Email: