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Why you need different moisturizers for day and night

As we all know skin care is essential for your daily and nightly routine. Moisturizers are a key component in your routine almost everyone already uses a moisturizer or should be. But did you know you actually need different moisturizers for the daytime and for bedtime?

the difference between day and night moisturizers

Key Ingredients for your Day Time Moisturizer:
  • Designed for your skin type (dry, oily, acne)
  • Sun protection (spf, or mechanical shield)
  • Anti-oxident
  • Humectants

These ingredients are so important because during the day your skin exposed to the environment. You need protection for your skin during this time, it can also be very drying on your skin. Imagine keeping your eyes open without blinking, they eventually start to burn, this is because moisture from your skin naturally evaporates into the environment. With the ingredient of humectants it brings in the opposite effect, and brings natural moisture from the air to your skin.

Why you need a nighttime moisturizer

Nighttime Moisturizer:

Nighttime is the time when your skin has a chance to repair, restore, and regenerate itself. Just like we have energy during the day but we need that time to rest for hours overnight in order to function properly the next day. Nighttime moisturizers and creams are focused more on hydration and recovery. They are designed to penetrate the skin over the course of several hours. They are very powerful and contain properties designed with the  highest concentrations of anti-aging compounds ingredients.



Like I said before these two moisturizers are desgined for specific jobs and you will not allow your skin to fully benefit if you use the same moisturizer for everything or even worse using opposite moisturizers for the wrong time of the day! By having two separate ones you get the most benefits for your skin and they will both last you a long time because you are only using 1 time per day rather then twice per day!


I have noticed a huge different in the moisture, and smoothness/softness of my skin since adding two different moisturizers to my routines.


Here are the two that I use:

They both have lasted me over 5 months! Be sure to get the one that best suits your skin type.



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