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A Lip Color that can last hours and WON’T smudge off!



Hi Friend!

If you’re like me you might not be into lipsticks or maybe you love lipsticks but there are a few things you dislike about it. This is how I felt! I only wore lip color on special occasion and man were those days stressful! Of course it was always something fancy like a wedding, a date, a family get together when I wanted to look a bit more “done up.” However the biggest reason I never liked to wear lip color was because it would always end up in my teeth especially the red colors! Has this ever happened to you? Imagine bright red lipstick in your teeth at a WEDDING! How embarrassing, right? Or what about a date night out to dinner and after 2 bites your food is wearing more lipstick then you are!


lipsense lipstick smudgeproof

My name is Kylee, and I am pleased to tell you that I have a solution. I found a product, LipSense that will last anywhere from 4-18 hours and will not smudge off or end up in your teeth. I couldn’t believe that it truly worked. I blotted my lips with a napkin, kissed my hand and even took a shower with it on and it did not come off! It stayed in tact just like how I put it on! I instantly became obsessed! I could finally wear darker or brighter colors without being self continuous about how it looked while out in public. I no longer constantly had to lick my teeth to be sure it was free of lipstick. This was a total GAME CHANGER for me! I instantly had a boost of confidence and felt beautiful. The best part is there are 50 shades to choose from, and if you still can seem to find one that is spot on, you can create a custom color by mixing two or more together!


50 different lipsense shades, lipstick


All Lip Colors MUST be worn with our SeneGence Gloss to work properly.



Problems with traditional lipstick

  • Smears
  • Ends up in your teeth
  • Ends up on your food
  • Transfers when you kiss
  • Gets all over your glass or mug
  • Your hair gets stuck in your gloss on windy days
  • It fades
  • The need to reapply constantly
  • Accidentally getting it on your clothes when changing
  • Finding a lip liner to match
  • Feeling dry


What if I told you LipSense would Solve ALL of these problems??

Would you give it a try?

Honestly I wish I had known about this years ago!


  • Cruelty Free
  • Lead Free
  • Wax Free
  • All Vegan
  • Waterproof
  • Smudge proof
  • Kiss Proof
  • Comes in 50 difference shades
  • Liquid Lip Color
  • Able to dry in seconds
  • Hydrating for your lips
  • Able to last up to 18hours

One tube of LipSense is equivalent in product to 4 Lipsticks!! This means if you wore the same LipSense color every single day you can get about 5-6months of use! These colors pair with a gloss intended to seal in the color while hydrating your lips! Don’t worry for all you girls who don’t like glossy feeling or look we have a MATTE GLOSS available as well! This is not as hydrating as our glossy but it gives you the gorgeous matte look without feeling dry. It is actually a more silky texture!



I offer a money back guarantee. If you love the product but the color was not spot on for you, let me know and I can swap it for you! Return the first color to me and I will replace it with a new one free of charge.


*Updated Every Friday*

apple cider lipsensebravo lipsenseblu red lipsenseB Ruby lipsenseblackberry lipsensecappuccino lipsensecoral lina lipsensesawn rising lipsensefirst love lipsensefly girl lipsensefire opal lipsensefire n ice lipsenseFleur de lisa lipsensehazelnut lipsensehoney rose lipsenseheartbreaker lipsensemulled wine lipsensenude lipsensenapa lipsensepink champagne lipsenseRazzberry LipSensesummer sunset lipsensesnow lipsense


Glossy Gloss Matte Gloss Opal Gloss Sand Gloss Gold Glitter Gloss



What I gained with LipSense:

This was so much for then just lip color for me. It gave me a sense of confidence, I felt pretty, I was actually more productive beacause I was excited to get ready and go out and get stuff done. I never worry anymore about get together, meetings, talking to someone face to face or having to check a mirror constantly to see if my lipstick was still there.

I fell in love with this before I even tried it out just by the reviews, the videos, and testimonies from my friends. I knew this was liquid gold and I would need multiple colors! I decided to join in order to get a DISCOUNT on ALL the products (all cosmetics, and skin care SeneGence has to offer) and as I told people about this awesome find more and more people were asking where to buy it. I then decided this was something I could really make some money with and I started to advertise a little more and share it with everyone. This is now my full time income. I do weekly training’s and sponsor over 50 women who have decided to make an extra income by sharing these products. Product discounts are anywhere from 20%-50% depending on if you buy in bulk. You also make commission when you sponsor someone else who decides to sell. You will profit 10% off of their orders and it doesn’t cost them anything, the company will pay you.

This might be a route you want to take if you are looking for a little or a lot of extra money. It is such a fun and simple business I have met so many great women who have all been super supportive and share tips to help improve your business constantly. Feel free to email me if you have any questions! I’d love to chat with you and answer everything!



I hope you fall in love with LipSense the way that I did! It has really changed my life in many aspects! I am so thankful I found the opportunity and the amazing products!

“You can’t put a price on confidence!”

Kylee Taveras