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How to start and launch your SeneGence business when you have no money

Have you ever tried to start a side hustle on your own, but felt like you couldn’t because you had no idea where to begin and no money to get started?

When you don’t have help and direction  it might seem impossible to achieve your goal of ever making a profit and you just give up all together.

But, have no fear,

With a little work, creativity and the willingness to try new things you’ll find that you can make money easily without spending any of your own!

I discovered this, when I first started my SeneGence business. At the time I was in a position to purchase product upfront first then sell but I have discovered that you can easily take pre-orders from customers before ever placing an order! You will use their money to place the order and with the extra profit you will make, you can get products for yourself, use as testers or even save part of the money as well. We could all use a little extra cash in our pocket, am I right??

make $300 in your first week with SeneGence without spending any of your own money!

Let me break it down.

3 Steps to taking pre-orders!

  • Before you do anything, you need to create a Facebook group and add all your female friends
  • Make sure you explain your new business and why you are adding them
  • Last, but not least, you’ll have a launch party! (on Facebook!)

As your upline I will walk you through every step of the way!

I will show you how to add albums to your groups and upload pictures of lip colors so your friends can shop around. I will also show you what type of posts get great interaction and engagement!

This is really key when your learning.

You only need to sell 6 starter kits (Starter kits include a color, gloss, and remover it costs $55 plus tax and shipping) to be able to place an order at 50% off this will also give you a $300 PROFIT!! (This does not include the cost of ordering for your friend who decide to purchase) You will be able to keep the $300 cash for yourself OR use it in products for yourself.

It’s really as simple as that. You don’t need money to make this business work.


If anyone see’s how awesome you are doing and wants to do it too, you will make an extra 10% off anything they order!

How awesome is that?! It is one of the best compensation plans out there!



Want to get started on a new business opportunity today?

Let’s get you that $300 quick!



Earn $300 in your first week with SeneGenceStart a side hustle that is fun and profitable!Start a fun side hustle and make $300 in your first week, without spending money!

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