SeneGence has so much to offer! I have recently fallen in love with their cosmetics! I can have a full face of makeup without feel weighted down or caked on and the best part? I can do it in under 5 minutes!!

I have spent so much money on foundations even when testing at Sephora or Ulta only to discover it was a perfect match in that florescent lighting but at home I looked like an Umpa loompa! Has this happened to you? 

I have recently created a program called Book-A-Bag! You just fill out this FORM and specify what your looking for an I will customize a bag of 6 products catered just for you! Just pay shipping ($7) and you can try everything out at home in your own lighting and on your own time! Try the products out for 3 days and return everything back. No pressure to purchase but if you choose to buy I offer a 10% discount on the total of 2 or more items! I will order your new sealed products in and ship it back to you for FREE!

How awesome is that!?!

skin care

MakeSense Foundation

makesense foundation

Our Makesense Foundation comes in original or anti-aging.

Original has a bit more coverage and they both contain our seneplex complex which has all the skin care benefit ingredients combined so you can feel confident using a makeup that will not fight against your skin.


I personally had struggled with breakouts from makeup and sometimes went days without to try and clear my skin only to find the next time I put it on I was back at square one! This is the main reason I love this foundation so much! It is so lightweight and it is designed with different size molecules to create the perfect fit with the different size pockets or pores within your skin so it evenly pairs up and the makeup blends into your skin naturally.

It is also color correcting! This means if you are within 3 shades (lighter or darker) of the foundation it will evenly match to your skin. Send me a pic and I can help you find the perfect shade, I am pretty good at this now! You can even grab a darker shade to use for a smooth natural contour!



blush blushsenseOur blush comes in a cream base. A tiny drop goes a LONG way! One tube will last you at least a year if not longer!

The formula is very pigmented so you get a true shade. It blends so well with a brush or even just your finger.

There is even a bronze shade if you prefer that over a typical pink blush. This product is used to define, highlight and contour with ease!



blushsense toasted rose blushblushsense terra cotta blushblushsense pouty pink blushblushsense bronze blush bronzerblushsense cherry blushblushsense chocolate cherry cream blush



Our ShadowSense eye shadows go on as a cream then blend into a smudgeproof powder when dry! Only takes a few seconds to dry! They come in matte or shimmer finishes and blend so easily with a brush or finger!

ShadowSensesnow shadowsense eye shadow sandstone pearl shadowsense eye shadow sandstone pearl shimmer shadowsense eye shadow candlelight shadowsense eye shadow shadowsense eye shadow pink frost shadowsense eye shadow mulberry shadowsense eye shadow amethyst shadowsense eye shadow pink posey shadowsense eye shadow copper rose shimmer shadowsense eye shadow moca java shadowsense eye shadow moca java shimmer shadowsense eye shadow silver shimmer shadowsense eye shadow silver violet shadowsense eye shadow granite shadowsense eye shadow denim shadowsense eye shadow garnet shadowsense eye shadow onyx shadowsense eye shadow smoked topaz shadowsense eye shadow smoked topaz shimmer shadowsense eye shadow whisper pink shadowsense eye shadow