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Everyone has a story and this is mine!

I started my LipSense journey in November of 2016. I first heard about it when I saw a friend of mine, Victoria, talking about a SMUDGE PROOF KISS PROOF WATERPROOF lip color!!!

I learned that it was a 3 part system, Lip Color, A gloss to seal in the color and hydrate my lips and a remover! I also saw the price tag of $55! I was not an avid makeup user and most days it was mascara and chap-stick for me. So when I saw that price I was a little more skeptical to purchase… BUT… when my friend told me that I could join as a distributor, I didn’t even have to sell it I could just purchase myself and get a bigger discount every time for the same $55 I was SOLD! I knew I would be hooked and would want EVERY COLOR and hey if I could make a little cash on the side WHY NOT??? 


I was not a fan of MLM’s in fact I kind of hated the idea of it, I had been approached by people in the past wanting me to join their team and sell their products. First of all I cannot sell something I don’t believe in and secondly the way I was introduced to LipSense was very laid back and no pressure, which made me want to be part of it even more. I didn’t jump in right away though, I actually waited and watched Victoria posting about it for 4 months on social media! And on that 4th month guess what?! She earned a FREE CAR!!! At that moment I knew if she could do it so could I and especially how fast it had happened for her!

It was a no brainer decision for me at that point!! I ordered a handful of colors and also had the opportunity to work a fall festival and have a booth for my new business! I didn’t know what to expect so I ordered a bunch of colors (I like to be overly prepared!) And to my surprise I sold EVERY SINGLE color!!! I couldn’t believe it and not one person had heard of it before!

It was at that moment that I knew I had found an awesome opportunity and I wanted to RUN with it! And I DID!!!

I was a little caught up in losing my identity I was a wife and mother but hadn’t done anything for myself or a had something I was passionate about. LipSense and SeneGence in general changed that for me! I absolutely love what I do I continue to do expand my product knowledge and learn new techniques all the time. I have been bonded with my senesisters a friendship I didn’t know I was even missing, people to talk to anytime that get what your talking about and full 24/7 support which has been amazing!!

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