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Clean your makeup brushes the right way

Did you know in you SHOULD be cleaning your makeup brushes weekly or at the least bi-weekly. I can probably guarantee you have not cleaned them within the past 30 days! Ha, I know that’s exactly how I was before. I never even knew how often to clean them. It might seem like a chore at the moment but I promise your skin will thank you!

the right way to clean your makeup brushes

Here is a simple guide on the right way to clean them! So simple and effective:

  1. Fill a glass container with hot water
  2.  Add a brush cleaning agent for a deeper more effective clean,

Here is the link for the one I use by SeneGence, it works great lasts a long time and is only $20!


SenseCosmetics® Brush Cleaner

Contains a mixture of scientific and naturally cleansing ingredients to thoroughly clean your artistry tools.

  • Gently and effectively cleans brushes to remove bacteria and help prolong their life

  • Helps prevent poor cosmetics blending or contamination that can be caused by dirty brushes

  • Safe to use on synthetic or natural hair bristles


Add a small amount to of brush cleaner to the water and let it sit for about one minute

Rinse until water runs clear

Lay brushes out flat on a towel to air dry



If you want the diy way you can use hot water,

tablespoon of dawn dish soap and a splash of white vinegar,

if you go this route you will want to let your brushes sit in the water for about 25 minutes 

Then follow steps like above 🙂

clean your makeup brushes the right way!

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