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5 Things to know about self tanners for the perfect natural look

Self tanners can be tricky or scary to use.   However, it’s important to know these tips if you want the most natural non-splotchy application with ease. I often get asked how I get my color without streaks and I wanted to help you do the same by sharing these 5 tips.   The following might surprise you, but believe it or not they are the most important points when it comes to self tanning.   1)  One of the most important ...
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Campus Looks: 5 gorgeous lip colors for college students!

 This week I wanted to throw it back to my days on college campus! There are so many opportunities in college to wear lip color! Most days I will admit I wore sweatpants and my university sweatshirt! Had I added a little makeup even just lips and lashes I would have put off a totally different vibe! I am way more productive when I get dressed and fell good about myself. A little makeup can go a long way psychologically! So let’s get to ...
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Skin Care Routine that works while you sleep

Let these products work OVERNIGHT to perfect the imperfections of your skin!
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5 Best Gym Sweat-Proof Lip Colors!

So when I say Lip Color for the gym, I know some of you are thinking “she’s crazy who puts makeup on for the gym?” Hear me out first! I am not talking about bright red lips and a sports bra and shorts! lol although I wouldn’t judge you if that’s your style! I’m talking about more natural lip colors but the best part is LipSense is totally waterproof aka sweat proof! you can wipe your face with a towel and ...
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Top 5 Ways to Master the Natural Everyday Makeup Look

My top 5 natural makeup essentials! Pictures of my SeneSisters using only SeneGence Products on their natural looks!