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Valentine’s Day Makeup Musts!

Valentines’s Day is right around the corner!! I feel like most people either have a love or hate relationship with this holiday. Personally I am obsessed and not just because I am married actually my husband is the total opposite and could care less, but I love the decorations and especially all things PINK! (& Red). Typically we enjoy a nice dinner out or movie and the part I love most is getting all dressed up and going out! If ...
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5 Things to know about self tanners for the perfect natural look

Self tanners can be tricky or scary to use.   However, it’s important to know these tips if you want the most natural non-splotchy application with ease. I often get asked how I get my color without streaks and I wanted to help you do the same by sharing these 5 tips.   The following might surprise you, but believe it or not they are the most important points when it comes to self tanning.   1)  One of the most important ...
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Clean your makeup brushes the right way

Did you know in you SHOULD be cleaning your makeup brushes weekly or at the least bi-weekly. I can probably guarantee you have not cleaned them within the past 30 days! Ha, I know that’s exactly how I was before. I never even knew how often to clean them. It might seem like a chore at the moment but I promise your skin will thank you! Here is a simple guide on the right way to clean them! So simple and effective: Fill a glass container ...
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Why you need different moisturizers for day and night

As we all know skin care is essential for your daily and nightly routine. Moisturizers are a key component in your routine almost everyone already uses a moisturizer or should be. But did you know you actually need different moisturizers for the daytime and for bedtime? Key Ingredients for your Day Time Moisturizer: Designed for your skin type (dry, oily, acne) Sun protection (spf, or mechanical shield) Anti-oxident Humectants These ...
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2 Ways to Create Custom Lip Color

I am so excited to share this post with you all today! Two ways to create your very own personalized custom lip color! This is so handy when you have an outfit you want to match just right! Or a bright bold handbag that would tie everything together if your lips matched. Both these ways are utilizing LipSense it is my #1 product for lip color it does not smudge or smear and can last up to 18hours! For these main reasons I cannot go back to ...
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How to get the perfect Ombre Lips

Easier then you might think to get the perfect Ombre! I have finally mastered the ombre look! At the past SeneGence conference which was Leader’s 2017 the company released 2 new colors. One of which was called T.E.A.M. Wicked! The letters in TEAM stand for Together Everyone Achieves More. One of my fellow Senesisters created this color during a promotional contest the company ran to find new lip shades. Her color was named after her ...