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Campus Looks: 5 gorgeous lip colors for college students!

 This week I wanted to throw it back to my days on college campus! There are so many opportunities in college to wear lip color! Most days I will admit I wore sweatpants and my university sweatshirt! Had I added a little makeup even just lips and lashes I would have put off a totally different vibe! I am way more productive when I get dressed and fell good about myself. A little makeup can go a long way psychologically!

So let’s get to it!

These are my TOP 5 Everyday Campus Lip Colors!


This is my all time favorite go to color. Any occasion, Any time and looks great on Any skin tone!!

pink champagne lipsense


This color has no pink to it if you prefer the more earthy natural tones. I am obsessed! This color has a natural classy and very rich look to it. You can easily dress it up for a job fair, meeting, dinner, or conference and also keep it casual and wear with jeans and a T-shirt. It is a favorite of mine especially in the Fall Season!

dawn rising lipsense



Caramel Apple was the first color I ever tried when I was hooked on LipSense! It’s right between a pink and red, has a hint of shimmer but not too bold! It definitely makes me feel put together even with minimal makeup!



Another apple color because were talking about school right? Ha JK it is just a coincidence! This gorgeous matte nude lip color is light and natural but gives just enough color to complete your look and feel great especially for those early morning classes! This color is also great to mix and layer to lighten other more bold colors to create your own!

apple cider lipsense 



This list would not be complete without mentioning this beauty! Praline Rose is right in between a nude and pink! It has a matte finish and can easily again be dressed up or down. I often wear this color to the gym and while running errands. It is classy and will make you feel confident! It is great to wear with any outfit color combo and espcially for job interviews!

I hope you found this guide to be helpful! CLICK HERE TO ORDER, all of these colors are available and in stock to ship asap.

Don’t forget to pick up a gloss to pair with these colors it will NOT work without it!

Looks on campus gorgeous lip colors

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