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Best Planner for EVERYTHING

A while ago I had been on the search to find a planner that could track everything. I know there are like a million different apps for your phone but I am a bit old fashion and love writing things down and checking things off a list. Being organized is so essential to be able to get things done! Especially if you are running your own business. I wanted a place where I could keep track of daily to-do’s, orders, team trainings, meal planning, fitness goals, and even blog scheduling! Does something like this even exist?



I am obsessed with Plum Paper Planners!
*Also I am not paid to recommend them! I genuinely love the quality and the custom option ad ons!

best planner for everythingbest all in one planner

Each new month starts out with this page. You can easily track 3 main monthly goals,birthdays, events and things to remember. You can also add 2 more of your own categories to the bottom sections. And the a full page for notes!


This planner has the option to add sections to customize your planner. Since I run my own SeneGence business I added the direct sales section and this tracks

Best all in one planner


  • monthly goals
  • monthly to do’s
  • incentives for my team
  • party schedule ( I mostly do these online now)
  • monthly highlights to see what worked for the month
  • monthly stats, this is great for tracking followers, engagement…etc

best planners for direct sales

best planner for bloggers and entrepreneur

You can also track any giveaways you do for your customers and advertising and sponsors





As a blogger I was excited to see the option for a blogging section!

best planners for girl bosses


This gives me options for:


  • Post ideas
  • Blog goals
  • Blog to-do’s
  • Final post schedule
  • Income/expenses tracker
  • Blog Stats


Fitness & Meal Planner:

Lastly there was a bonus I was surprised to find a Fitness tracker & Meal Planner.

This was not business related but for an overall personal planner I thought it was perfect to track my progress, measurements, and to help plan meals for my family and easily create shopping lists.

Fitness plannermeal planner included in your daily planner


There are more pages I didn’t mention like a complete party planning sections, username/password trackers, cleaning checklist, contacts, holidays, blank note pages and so much more!

This planner has totally helped me stay organized I take it everywhere and use it for everything! Keep in mind when creating it that the add ons are an additional cost but so worth it if its related to you and provides value!

I think I had 4 add on’s total and the entire planner cost me around $60. It was worth every penny!

Oh and the best part you can create it at any month not just starting in January! How great is that!!


*Other Ad on’s include:

  • Wedding planning
  • Baby Tracking
  • Social Media
  • Tavel
  • School
  • Budgeting
  • Homeschool
  • Service providers

If you are not ready to commit to a giant planner I have created a FREE time management guide you can download HERE! You can start with this print it out and fill it out the night before or laminate to reuse!


Best Girl Boss planner for everything!

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