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5 Things to know about self tanners for the perfect natural look

Self tanners can be tricky or scary to use.

Get the perfect sunless tanner!


However, it’s important to know these tips if you want the most natural non-splotchy application with ease.

I often get asked how I get my color without streaks and I wanted to help you do the same by sharing these 5 tips.


The following might surprise you, but believe it or not they are the most important points when it comes to self tanning.self tanner tips for perfect application


1)  One of the most important things is your product! This is a big step to avoid the dreaded orange look. Find a tanner that have a cool tone base to it. My favorite is called Sun you can get it here on amazon. You know easily that it has a cool base when you apply it, the color is more green. This makes it easy to see where you are applying and this tanner is gradual so with a little practice you can get the perfect tan and apply as often until you get the perfect color.

2) When it comes to prepping for your tan, it’s also important to apply lotion first to all the creases. This includes knees, ankles, feet and toes, hands and knuckles, elbows, and any other body part the bends and might create a crease.

3) Another critical component is to use a mitt. Or the DIY method of a sock inside out! I like to double up the socks so it is less messy on my hands. You will definitley want to apply with one of these methods to get an even streak free color. Don’t be afraid to really buff out the areas, you can always apply more product later.

4) Additionally you can use baby powder on any creases after the product dries a little. I like to use it on the inner elbows, back of the knees and around my ankles and armpits. Pretty much anywhere your skin bends. I like to apply it with a fluffy blush brush.

tips for the best self tan

5) Finally, don’t forget your neck and face! You don’t want a tan body and white face do you? sometimes you may find that a different tanner is better for body versus your face. I prefer the SeneGence self tanner with coconut milk. The ingredients are more beneficial for my skin and the color is a bit more natural. I still use a mitt and buff out generously so it is an even and natural color


The bottom line is that you need a few simple steps to have a game changing flawless self tan!

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