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2 Ways to Create Custom Lip Color

I am so excited to share this post with you all today! Two ways to create your very own personalized custom lip color! This is so handy when you have an outfit you want to match just right! Or a bright bold handbag that would tie everything together if your lips matched.

Both these ways are utilizing LipSense it is my #1 product for lip color it does not smudge or smear and can last up to 18hours! For these main reasons I cannot go back to traditional lipstick so I want to share with you only the BEST!

how to create custom lip colors

1st Way to Customize: LAYERING: With LipSense being a liquid lip color you have so many possibilities to create unique looks. Traditionally when you apply your color, you apply it in 3 layers to your lips. This might seem like a lot but you will have enough product to last at least 5 months if not longer! Each layer is designed to coat and protect the previous layer. By doing 3 you get an even coat and long lasting finish! Now here’s the cool part! Just because you need 3 layers DOESN’T mean it has to be 3 layers of the SAME COLOR! You can completely customize by layering different color! It can be 3 different ones, or 2 colors layered like a sandwich, there are 8 different color combinations you can make with just 2 LipSense colors.

8 different custom colors

2nd Way to Customize: PRE MIXING! This way takes a little more time but gives a more even outcome. You literally pre mix two different colors together then apply with the wand from either the darker or lighter color depending on which look you want. You can premix colors on wax paper, a business card, anything plastic really. I really like the way this comes out but it does also sacrifice more product waste. If you can mix it in a tiny painters pod you can probably reuse it later and add beck to it. I have not personally tried it but it might be worth a try!


Check out the videos below to see exactly how it’s done!




2 Ways to Create Custom Lip ColorsHow to create custom lip colors to match your outfit

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